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Fast Proofreading Plus Site Suggestions

Proof & Design will proofread your text accurately yet quickly. Turnaround is often only one or two days for smaller projects. Rarely will a project take more than a week to complete. Suggestions for further improvement of your site are often made as well.

Proof & Design concentrates on improving Web sites that were originally written in a language other than English and have since been translated into English. However, Proof & Design is not limited to such sites and will gladly offer its services to your site as long as it is currently written in English.

Do you have text that needs to be proofread that is not part of a Web site? Software interfaces, help files, documentation, how-to documents...Let Proof & Design revise them for you!

Pricing for proofreading is based on word count.

Contact Proof & Design today for more information.

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Less Is More

If you have visited this site prior to August, 2007, you will notice that it has been trimmed to just a few pages compared to what was formerly found here. That is so Proof & Design can give you more of what you want and need with less time spent on upkeep and overhead. Services are not being cut back, but prices have been. Ask for a free price quote today!