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The following is a sampler of projects Iíve worked on. Note that most of my clients have the ability to publish texts on their own without running them past me for proofing or editing first and may have done so without my knowledge.

Web Site Content

I proofread virtually every word on the Wired Plane Web site. I also made suggestions for redesigning the site to make it more user-friendly. The site itself has had a complete overhaul since my suggestions were incorporated several years ago, but most of the text remained the same. I approve of the new, brighter look.

From that beginning, word spread especially among Russian site owners and programmers that I was available to help them make their texts sound more like American English instead of a translation from Russian. For example, I copy edited the content on the Target Process site and have helped numerous others to one degree or another with their translated texts.

User Manuals

The proprietors of the Two Pilots site have requested my services for small amounts of text, complete user manuals, and nearly everything in between. I copy edited user manuals (totaling over 700 pages) for two of their products.

Software Suggestions

I suggested changes for DG Software's MagicScore music notation product. I also copy edited much of the text on the Magic Score site.

Rule Books for Games

I was a proofreader for Victory Point Games for whom I have copy edited rule books for games they published.

Web Site Design

I have designed and maintain several Web sites including the Living Word Lutheran Church site and an earlier version of Creative Canes. The Living Word site was redesigned by The Great Div in 2009.